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Apple’s launch event has one big unknown



There’s debate about whether Apple will actually reveal new iPhones on Sept. 15 or hold off until a future event. See full story.

My parents have $50,000 in credit-card debt and $50,000 in a home-equity loan. My father works part-time and my mother refuses to work. How can we help?

‘My mother seems to think they will be able to retire in three years when they get additional Social Security, but they have zero retirement funds.’ See full story.

Fauci tells Americans to ‘hunker down’ this fall and winter: ‘It’s not going to be easy’

Coronavirus cases remain ‘unacceptably high’ as schools and restaurants reopen, and flu…


‘We were frustrated and afraid’: Some COVID-19 patients suffer lung and heart damage, but there’s encouraging news for these ‘long haulers’

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