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As Italy tightens COVID-19 restrictions, Venice plunges back into ‘victorious solitude’


I don’t know what went wrong
I don’t know if it was your fault
Or the usual scratch of some human touch

Poisoned sneezes all around my canals
Over the old pompous marble of my city
Then down to the endless slums of the planet

How did we get HERE? You ask,
Surrounded by this victorious solitude
In the streets of our world

No one can hold their beloved’s dying hands
I’ve heard about those bodies shrouded quickly
Then driven away like thieves in the night

Be strong, my heart, be strong, my love
This new pandemic
Has an ancient appetite for us

And its history is a long one
It comes in periodically, some said,
Over our houses, above our lands

(Excerpt from “HOW DID WE GET HERE?” by Anna…


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