Bloomingdale’s is getting ready to open its first-ever Bloomie’s store


A rendering of the exterior of Bloomingdale’s new small-format location, called Bloomie’s.

Source: Bloomingdale’s PR

Bloomie’s isn’t just a nickname anymore.

The luxury department store chain Bloomingdale’s announced Wednesday that it will use the moniker for a new location, opening in Fairfax, Virginia, on Aug. 26. The word Bloomie’s has for decades been used as a term of endearment by fans of the original Bloomingdale’s.

The roughly 22,000-square-foot space will be much smaller than a typical Bloomingdale’s location, which can span upward of 200,000 square feet. The store will serve as a hub for experiences, with a focus on fashion, and feature Colada Shop, a restaurant serving coffee,…


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