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Can my ex-husband file a joint tax return without my consent? He tried to take both my stimulus checks, but I got the better of him


Dear Moneyist,

I’m 62 years of age, I have stopped working and I am currently receiving Social Security. My husband is intending to file a joint tax return, and told me straight out that he does not intend to give me any of our joint tax return, because he said that I am no longer working. What can I do about this? I was discarded after 40 years of marriage.

He also tried to keep my $600, but I was ready for him. I persuaded him to pay for a washer and dryer and I managed to get my $1,200 stimulus by the skin of my teeth. I took the $1,200 out while divorce proceedings were occurring and I still had bank access. (He got angry, but I still managed to get the…


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