Cathie Wood’s Ark space ETF sells last few shares of Virgin Galactic


VSS Unity floats in microgravity at the edge of space during its third spaceflight on May 22, 2021.

Virgin Galactic

Ark Invest’s space exploration ETF has sold its last remaining shares of Virgin Galactic, completing its move away from one of the few publicly traded pure-play space stocks.

Cathie Wood’s firm on Tuesday sold 12 shares of Virgin Galactic from its ARKX fund, the tiny remaining piece of a position that was about 672,000 shares when the ETF first began trading in late March.

The space tourism company’s stock climbed as much as 6% in trading from its previous close of $25.59 a share.

After hitting an all-time high above $60 a share in February, the stock began falling in the wake…


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