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‘Cruella’ reviews: What critics are saying


Emma Stone stars as Cruella de Vil in Disney’s “Cruella.”


The critics are as split on “Cruella” as the main character’s iconic black-and-white hair.

For some, the campy, fashion-fueled manic fever dream of a film is a delight. For others, it’s a tangled, loud mess that doesn’t quite justify the cost of a movie ticket or the $30 Disney+ Premiere Access fee.

“Cruella” follows the life of Estella, a curious, rambunctious and creative young girl who doesn’t quite fit into the world. Her mother warns her not to let the “Cruella” side of her personality get the better of her, but it lurks and arrives in full-force a decade later.

After a tragedy leaves Estella orphaned and alone on the…


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