Daimler’s concept car uses bio-based materials, has solar tech on roof


Daimler Mercedes-Benz The Vision EQXX concept car unveiled.

Courtesy: Daimler

Daimler has released details of a concept electric vehicle which uses solar technology and bio-based materials, with the German automotive giant saying it has a range of over 1,000 kilometers (around 621 miles) on one charge.

The Vision EQXX has 117 roof-based solar cells — the idea is that they can help to boost the car’s range — while the vehicle’s interior incorporates materials including a leather alternative called Mylo.

Mylo is produced using mycelium, which Daimler described as being “the underground rootlike structure of mushrooms.”

Daimler Mercedes-Benz The Vision EQXX

Courtesy: Daimler

“It is certified…


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