Elon Musk says Tesla will raise price of FSD by 25% in September


Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Sunday announced a 25% price increase for the company’s premium driver assistance system, which is marketed under the name Full Self-Driving, or FSD. The price will increase to $15,000 from $12,000 on Sept. 5, Musk said in a tweet.

Today, Tesla charges customers $12,000 upfront for FSD, or $199 per month on a subscription basis.

Musk did not immediately mention an increase in the cost of FSD subscriptions and Tesla did not respond to a request for further information.

All new Tesla vehicles come with a standard driver assistance package called Autopilot, which includes features like “Traffic-Aware Cruise Control” and “Autosteer.” These rely on cameras, other sensors,…


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