EV drivers in Britain see jump in public charging cost


The U.K. has laid out plans to ramp up the number of electric vehicles on its roads over the next few years.

Coldsnowstorm | E+ | Getty Images

Electric car drivers in the U.K. have seen the cost of using a public, “rapid” charger on a pay-as-you-go tariff rise by 42% since May, according to data released Monday.

Figures from RAC Charge Watch — which is part of the RAC, a motoring organization — show that it now costs EV drivers using the above infrastructure an average of 63.29 pence (72 cents) a kilowatt hour to charge their vehicle.

Breaking the figures down, the RAC said this meant an 80% rapid charge of a “typical family-sized electric car” using a 64 kWh battery cost, on average,…


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