Hershey CEO says stay-at-home trends are outlasting the pandemic


People love their sweets, and they’re not just indulging in them at home during the pandemic, Hershey CEO Michele Buck said.

“We’re seeing this unique period where there is both a continuance of that at-home consumer behavior, as well as increasing away-from-home behavior,” Buck said on CNBC’s “Closing Bell.”

“Consumers are participating in seasons, they are telling us they’re doing more movie nights at home, they’re making more s’mores at home [and] at the same time, we’re seeing growth in our food service and our own retail businesses, which are away from home.”

With both of these trends in its favor, Hershey raised its sales forecast for the year to a range of 4% to 6%, up from 2% to 4%….


Daily U.S. data on April 29

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