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‘I have been plagued by enormous guilt and regret:’ I tried to care for my late father, but I gave up. How can I ever forgive myself?


I am seeking advice on how to get over a terrible mistake I made. I did not care for my aged father. I am the oldest of three brothers. One of my brothers took his own life, and my other brother did not want anything to do with the family. My father was entirely dependent on me. I tried my best to care, but something snapped in me and 8 months later, I sent him back to India and never wanted to see him again.

I visited him. He was lonely, but my heart did not respond the way it should. Six months after my last visit and 3 weeks before I was going to visit him again, he passed away. Since then I have been plagued by enormous guilt and regret. He was a good father, except…


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