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‘I tried walking more than 3 blocks, paying the price with chest pains and crippling fatigue’: One woman’s long recovery from COVID-19


New York City — Today is day 141.

I’ll save you doing the math: Day 1 was April 3. It was a Friday, a month before my 46th birthday when the doctor at my local walk-in clinic told me to consider this Day 1 of COVID.

Like everyone else in New York, I was already quarantining and my wife was just getting over the virus, though I hadn’t been overly concerned about getting it myself. The doctor’s last words to me were to expect a couple of rough weeks ahead — she’d seen it hit runners extra hard.

Sometimes, I feel embarrassed calling myself a runner — I’ve never done a marathon and I didn’t discover my love of running until my 30s. But for over a decade, I’ve been…


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