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I want to move to New York after college graduation. Can I afford it?


Amanda Mier is graduating from UC Berkeley and ready to move to New York! The question is: Can she afford it?

Amanda Mier | CNBC

After three semesters of online school, I’ve been in denial, but it’s time to face it. I graduate in a month. I wish I could be in college forever (who doesn’t?), but it’s time to get ready for adulthood. 

And, like most soon to be graduates, I have some big questions to answer. Like:

1. Where will I live?

2. How much will I need to live independently?

3. How will I pay for 1&2?

4. How on earth do I get a job?

I set out to ask experts and friends who have successfully moved to a new city for advice.

Getting started

Since childhood, my dream was to get a job and move to…


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