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I’d like to buy a home in a warm spot near the beach for $350,000 — where should I retire?


I am 68 with $1.2 million in savings. I’d like to retire somewhere warm, no snow and near the beach. In January I’d like to be able to have a cup of coffee on my patio and not freeze my butt off. I don’t mind a jacket, but no winter coat, no boots, no scarves. Daytime highs in January should be in the 60s, nighttime lows in the 40s or 50s (50s is better).

My house budget is $350,000 or less. 

What are some options? 


Dear Leon,

Given those winter temperature requirements, you need to focus on the Atlantic coast from Georgia south and on the Gulf of Mexico. But you may still need to compromise on just how close your dream spot is to the beach, especially when people are…


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