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I’m a single mom. I take my kids on trips. My mother says that’s crazy and I should be saving for a house. What do you think?


I am a single mother of two children. 

I work six days per week and I also go to school. We live on our own in a house that I currently rent. I am saving to buy a home of my own, and I am also paying off my car. This pandemic has not affected my plans very much, which I’m thankful for. 

Our house is small. It accommodates all three of us just fine, but once every three months I like to rent a hotel room in different cities. Sometimes, I rent a hotel room by the beach, Las Vegas or other places that I think would be nice for us to see.

My mother says it’s crazy, and says I should not be spending my money on useless things like a hotel room when I have a…


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