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I’m a ‘young 68’ with $3,200 a month in Social Security and don’t want it taxed — where should I retire north or west of Colorado?


I am finishing 50 years in the airline industry next year, and I am looking to relocate to anywhere north or west of Colorado (including Colorado) — but not California because of the taxes.

I will have approximately $3,200 a month in Social Security and will hopefully get a part-time job on top of that. No sale of a house. I love the outdoors, hiking, photography, mountains and snow.

The location cannot tax Social Security, and I prefer no state income tax. College towns are great. No retirement towns as I hate the R word. I prefer to say I am going onto new adventures. I am a young and very healthy 68.

Thank you,


Dear S.,

Congratulations on 50 years…


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