Impossible Whopper, Popeyes chicken sandwich sales stablize: Franchisee


Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Source: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Burger King’s largest U.S. franchisee is seeing sales of the Impossible Whopper and the Popeyes chicken sandwich level out as the initial buzz around the two menu items dies down.

Average daily orders of the meatless Whopper at a Burger King location owned by Carrols Restaurant Group have decreased from 32 to 28, according to Carrols CEO Dan Accordino.

“The Impossible Whopper has stabilized,” Accordino said at the ICR Conference on Tuesday.

In comparison, an average Burger King restaurant owned by Carrols sells 234 beef Whoppers a day, he said. Traditional Whoppers sell for about a dollar less than the Impossible Whopper.

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