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Live positive, age positive: The secret to wealth and health as you grow older


Back in the 1990s, when I worked at Money magazine, David Lereah was a go-to source for our real estate stories. His job then: chief economist at the Mortgage Bankers Association (he later held that job at the National Association of Realtors). I lost track of Lereah until his new, and wholly surprising, book recently arrived: “The Power of Positive Aging.” And boy does he have a story to tell.

At age 62, a few years ago, Lereah was diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal cancer. “The doctor looked at me and he didn’t say ‘You’re going to be fine, we will beat this,’” Lereah told me. “He said, ‘This is going to be most difficult challenge of your life and I don’t have…


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