Mercedes-Benz unveils its new electric EQS SUV built in the U.S.


Mercedes-Benz on Tuesday took the wraps off its new EQS SUV, its first fully electric SUV built domestically for the U.S. market.

The vehicle is the sibling of the EQS sedan, released last year, but with seating for up to seven people and a taller, bubblier stance. It is expected to rival the Tesla Model X and BMW iX, according to Mercedes-Benz.

Like the sedan, the EQS SUV features a tech-savvy interior that includes three screens covering nearly the entire instrument panel. A single 56-inch curved glass surface covers the screens, one of which is a passenger screen that is not visible to the driver.

Mercedes-Benz electric EQS SUV


“With the luxury EQS sedan and the sporty…


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