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More Americans live in multigenerational households to save money


“We are a four-generation household,” said Jason Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald, 45, and his wife, Rachel Zack, 41, bought a house with Rachel’s parents Beverly and Arthur Zack, who are in their 70s, and Rachel’s 98-year-old grandmother Lillian, who goes by “Bubbie.”

The home has six bedrooms, with five full and two half bathrooms. 

They all live together in South Orange, New Jersey, along with Fitzgerald and Zack’s two children: one-year-old Ada and Lily, 6.

Even before the pandemic, “it seemed to make financial sense to combine our resources,” Fitzgerald said.

When Covid restrictions left them suddenly housebound, “it turned out to be a lifesaver,” Zack added.

“When I was working from home, it was…


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