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My family paid $7K for my uncle’s funeral. Our cousins said they didn’t have any money, but one remodeled his kitchen and another bought $800 shoes. Would you ask for it back?


Dear Moneyist,

My two sisters and I recently paid over $7,000 for the funeral of our uncle, because he had no insurance and his three children claimed they had no money to do so. Soon after the burial, we found out that purchases on their part were being made, mainly an $800 pair of designer shoes and another cousin remodeled his kitchen. Because of this, would it be proper to ask for repayment? I want my share back, one sister doesn’t want to anger our cousins, and the other is undecided. Thank you.


Dear Niece,

Funerals can be exhausting, distressing, healing, uplifting — and expensive.

The median cost of a funeral is more than $7,300, according to…


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