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My husband, 67, wants to leave his $2 million estate and home to his disabled daughter and his sister’s kids. Can he do that? I could outlive them


Dear Moneyist,

My husband is 67 years old with an estate worth $2 million. His first wife died. He has a severely handicapped daughter and we signed a prenup when we married three years ago.

He has a sister who is a year older than I am. I am 64 years old with two adult children from a previous marriage that ended in divorce. His sister has a son and daughter, and she has two granddaughters.

My husband wants to leave our house, which he owns and bought before we married, to me for as long as I live. He does not want my children to inherit it when I die. He wants it to go to his sister’s family.

The Moneyist: I took care of everything after my father died. My…


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