Nordstrom is trading nearly $20 a share lower than buyout offer


A man shops at the Nordstrom men’s store, the company’s first-ever Manhattan location.

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Two years ago, Nordstrom was offered a buyout offer at $50 a share. It’s shares are now trading 38% lower than that, but there’s still hope for the retailer.

Nordstrom’s stock is down roughly 35% year-to-date, swept up in the general malaise investors have shown the retail sector. Nordstrom’s challenges are not unique to the industry. Its competitors, Macy’s, J.C. Penney, are Kohl’s are facing their own hurdles as they grapple with too many stores and shoppers choosing to buy online or from brands directly.

But Nordstrom — with its affordable luxury price-point and high-touch customer…


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