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Showtime ‘Couples Therapy’ Orna Guralnik on couples and money


Couples Therapy, Orna Guralnik

Source: Showtime

When I was growing up, my father used to repeat a saying he’d heard as a child from his grandmother: “When money doesn’t come through the door, love goes out the window.” That proverb appears to date back to a 19th century painting by the English artist George Frederick Watts, titled “When Poverty Comes in at the Door, Love Flies out of the Window.”

I relayed the quote to psychoanalyst Orna Guralnik, and she agreed that money is one of the biggest stressors on couples, “especially because of the society we live in.” Guralnik is the star of the Showtime documentary series “Couples Therapy,” in which she analyzes real patients in a room with…


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