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Stock-market investors brace for busiest week of earnings in October’s final hurrah



The S&P 500’s tech giants will vie for attention as they barrage the market with third-quarter earnings in the week before the Nov. 3 election. See full story.

Ready for another Big Tech hearing/earnings doubleheader?

Three months ago, Big Tech’s biggest names traipsed into a Congressional hearing to be berated by politicians for their business dominance, then paraded in front of Wall Street a day later to be cheered for their financial dominance. Somebody must have enjoyed that, because it is about to happen all over again. See full story.

Trump, Biden debate pitches fail to make mark with these Pennsylvania voters

Despite a more civil…


My mother-in-law is narcissistic. My father-in-law is selfish. My brother-in-law is amoral. How do we protect our inheritance?

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