Virgin Galactic former CEO George Whitesides on next spaceflight


Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides

CNBC | Michael Sheetz

George Whitesides, the former CEO of Virgin Galactic, will fly on the company’s next spaceflight test, CNBC has learned.

Sir Richard Branson made the announcement at a party on July 11 in Las Cruces, New Mexico — following his own spaceflight — after thanking Whitesides for leading the company for a decade.

“When [Branson] thanked George, he offhand, very casually, said ‘and George will be leading our next flight,’ and people cheered,” Lori Garver, who previously served as the deputy administrator of NASA, told CNBC.

Garver was among more than 100 company employees and VIPs celebrating Branson’s successful spaceflight at Hotel…


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